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Google Question Hub: Everything You Need to Know

Google Question Hub is a tool that Google has created to help the user. With the help of this tool, Blogger can easily find such a query about which the user is searching on the internet and the information of that query is not present on the internet.

Many people want to know what is the Google Question Hub that Google has created for the publisher. Recently, the Google Question Hub Event was organized at Pullman Hotel in Delhi.

More than 400 bloggers and YouTubers contributed to this from all over India. In this event, Google publicly released its new two tools, Question Hub and Navlekha. So today I thought that why should you not be provided complete information about this new tool so that it will be helpful for new content creators and bloggers to write good and valuable content in the future.

Being a blogger, I have felt the problem that no such free tool was available for Hindi bloggers earlier about what content to write so that it is more helpful to the people.

What is Question Hub?

Question Hub was created by Google primarily for Content Writers and Bloggers. Its aim is to put those questions more directly in front of bloggers, whose answers are yet to be published online. By using this Question Hub Tool, bloggers can better understand what the users want to know and therefore write articles on the same subject.

Bloggers or content creators can use it, but they must have a Hindi blog first. Otherwise, they won’t be able to use it. Because of Google’s research, content in Hindi language makes up only 0.1% of all content, compared to about 50% in English. Due to the large number of users who read and understand Hindi in a Hindi language country like India, there is a greater need for Hindi content.

Furthermore, there are not many content creators to answer the questions of the people, and whatever they are, they don’t know in what context to write the article. This problem can be solved by using Google Question Hub Tool, which enables bloggers to learn more about the most frequently asked questions.

The tool is not fully developed yet since many more features can be added later to help bloggers.  In spite of this, Google has embedded some bloggers in this tool very correctly by offering early access and taking good feedback from them.

How to use Google Question Hub?

Using Question Hub is very simple, and its user interface is very intuitive, so bloggers can find answers to questions of users that have never been answered.

When you want the answer to a question, many times you do not get a precise answer. This is because no content creator has ever written an answer to that question. Despite writing it, it hasn’t been published. Hence, Google has created the Question Hub Tool, allowing publishers to answer questions for which they know the answers, but did not get them.

In case a user does not get a proper answer to his question in google search, he has the option to paste it in the feedback section. Whenever a user submits a question via Google feedback, that question is added to the question hub.

By the way, you must be thinking that if users are submitting millions or crores of questions like this, are all the questions added to the question hub tool? As a result, the answer is no because most of the questions are incomplete and incorrect, as well as there are many such questions that are similar, so Google has developed algorithmic filters to remove them. Therefore, the questions are of high quality and can be answered by bloggers without any problems.

In order to make it easier for niche bloggers to answer questions specific to their niche, the Question Hub tool divides all the questions into different categories like Fashion, Education, Technology, Finance, etc.

Besides finding category-wise questions, you can also search by keywords. Each time you add a question, you have a quota of 100 questions. Your quota is automatically replenished when you submit or reject a question.

The Features of Google QuestionHub

Question Hub does not have many features at the moment, but let’s get a deeper look at them to make your life easier.


As you browse the question hub, you can view all the questions and add them to the topics where you need answers. You can also add questions by clicking on the Add Question button, which will give you two options, one is to search by topic and the other is to search by keywords. You can add questions according to your preferences. Adding questions to your account is limited to 5 at a time. You can save up to 100 questions at a time.

By clicking on the answer button on the side of a question, you can answer it. You can put a link to your article (blog) on ​​it. And can also submit together. On the other hand, if you do not know the answer to the question, then you can use the reject button on the side. With this, that question gets removed from your account forever.


Through this Starred Option, you can starred those questions (or have to click on the star symbol). With this, that question will be added to your starred section and you can answer it whenever you want. Whenever you want, you can answer those questions by going to the starred section.


With this option, you can see all the questions you have answered or rejected. Together you can also see the history of all of them.


This tool has been categorized well into categories like Arts & Entertainment, Beauty & Fitness, Finance, Games, Health, or News. You can ask questions on any of these topics. For now, you can only choose 100 questions. Once you answer or reject the question, your limit will also be recharged.


This option gives you control over how you use the tool. Please let us know how you use it.

Display Language

Your display language can be chosen here, such as English, Hindi, or any other language.

Question Language

Depending on your needs, you can choose the language in which you would like the questions to be displayed. Like English or Hindi.

Delete your activity or account

You can delete your activity here, as well as delete your account and activity. If you want to reset your account and activity, you can do this here. But note that this is an irreversible process.

Export your data

With this option, you can export all your activity from a CSV file. You can also download and watch it later and save it.

Send Feedback

If you have any problems, you can certainly use this option for assistance. For example, if you have any problems, you may contact the team of question hub.

Question Count

Here, you can see the questions you’ve added and track their count.

See Questions

You can view all the questions together using this option.

How to answer questions in QuestionHub?

  1. You will be taken to the question hub home page once you have logged in.
  2. You can add questions by clicking on Add Questions.
  3. You can respond to the question by clicking the Answer Button on the right side of the question, or you may reject the question in case you don’t know the answer.
  4. There is a limit of 100 questions per topic and you can add up to five questions at a time.

Note: You must submit only the link to your website or blog post that you think users will find useful.

Benefits of using Question Hub Tool

Although this tool is very new and it has only a few features, it can prove to be very useful for new and old bloggers and content creators (publishers).

Idea to write

Bloggers find it hard to come up with ideas for content, so they can use this tool to come up with content ideas.

Users’ questions can be solved

Publishers can easily answer questions of users since they are placed in front of them in Question Hub.

Increase Website Traffic

It is not possible to directly increase your blog’s traffic, but if your articles rank well, your traffic will eventually increase as well.

Can increase the quality of content

It is common for bloggers to be concerned about the quality of their content, but if they use this tool, then they will definitely know what else they need to add to their content in order to answer their readers’ questions.

Can also increase the visibility of the article

By including people’s questions in your article and sharing it on social media, you can create a unique article that will definitely increase its visibility.

When and where did the Google Question Hub Event take place?

The Google Question Hub event was held at the Pullman Hotel, Aerocity, Delhi, on 14 December 2018.

How to do Google Question Hub Registration?

Now that you have a complete understanding of the Question Hub Tool, if you wish to use it, then you can join it and answer questions in it, but you cannot participate directly in it.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

First of all click on this link of question hub You will be taken to a page where two options are available. One for logging in and the other for signing up (if you haven’t created an account yet). In this second option it will be written something like this: Express your interest to use Question Hub here. Click on “here” to proceed.

As soon as you click on it, the inbox of your email will be open in front of you, there will also be an option to send email in it. You have to add your Full Name, Email and Website link in it. After doing this, you have to send the question to the hub’s email. Or you can send a request for access to the Question Hub team from the link given below.
Because this is a manual process, Google will review your blog manually and will also review your contents. If they like your blog, then after a few days you will get an email, in which there will be a link to sign up, from there you can create an account in question hub.

few days you will get an email, in which there will be a link to sign up, from there you can create an account in question hub.

Also, you can use it. You have to be patient in this because some people get approved soon, while some may take some time.

What is the Question Hub Contest?

Google had organized a Question Hub Contest to promote this new tool. In which he encouraged bloggers to write articles using more and more tools.

Google believed that this competition would awaken enthusiasm among bloggers about Hindi content and in the end they were also honored with various awards. This created a sense of competition among bloggers.

If I talk about this competition, then more than 300 bloggers took part in it. And finally he was rewarded on the basis of his performance. The award was also given in four parts.

Such as Platinum Members, Gold Members, Silver Members and Bronze Members. While Platinum Members were given Google Pixel 2 SmartPhone, Gold Members were given Chromebook Laptop, Silver Members were given Google Home and Bronze Members were given Google Home Mini.

What do we think about Google Question Hub Tool?

With its use, many new unique articles will come to the fore. With the help of this tool, publishers get information about the mindset of the users.

You will get the information about the things that are needed to write a complete article from the Question Hub Tool. Apart from this, new bloggers will not have to worry about the topics of the article because you will definitely get a lot of ideas from the questions in it.

At the same time, in the coming time, we can get to see many new features in this tool, which are going to be helpful in creating great content for all publishers. This tool may not show you quick results, but if you use it for a long time, then it has the ability to show you very great results in the long term.

What Did You Learn Today?

I sincerely hope that I have told you guys what is Google Question Hub and how does it work? Gave complete information about it and I hope you people have understood what is Question Hub Tool. If you have, then definitely share this information with the people around you.

It has always been my endeavor that I should always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubts of any kind, then you can feel free to ask me. I will definitely try to solve those doubts.



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