Pictures of the Top 10 Cat Breeds for Familie

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cats make excellent family pets. This cat enjoys playing with children and being with dogs.

Bengal Cat

Bengalis are active and lively. This cat loves to lie down and is very calm, so if you have children, this is the cat for you.

Birman Cat

Birmans are a special breed of cat that loves spending time with family and is quite different from other household pets.

Exotic Shorthair Cat

The Exotic Shorthair is the American Shorthair known, These cats are known as simple and friendly cats.

British Shorthair Cats

The British Shorthair is mild-mannered, This Cats round face and thick hair make her look more beautiful.


The Manx cat is known around the world for not having a tail. Manx cat height, 7–11 inches, Male: medium: 8-12 lbs.


Burmese are considered the ultimate companion cat, If you are away from home for a long time then this cat is right for you.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex are most recognizable for their curly hair, mainly because they like to play all the time and have a great relationship with children.

Devon Rex

They are very friendly towards dogs and other animals, and their fur is coarse. Their eyes are also very beautiful.


These bees are even cuter when they're laying down the height of 10–12 inches, and this cat is a friendly cat and has a good character.