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How are printed pillow boxes more attractive for your products?

Alluring printed pillow boxes that compel your customers in the very first look

Packaging is a complex task, and with multiple competitors coming up in town, you need to buckle up your game with something extra. That extra is uniqueness and trendy ideas that distinguish one brand from another. Hence many manufacturers are coming up with creative ideas for packaging that enhance their brand reach.

As the name suggests, Pillow boxes look like actual pillows but miniature versions. They are a particular type of folding box with interlocking tabs for securing the contents inside. They are ideal for smaller items like soaps, cosmetics, gifts, candies, or accessories. Some key benefits are mentioned below.

They are diverse in shape and use.

One of the most attractive things about these custom pillow boxes is their unique design. They are different and appeal to the audience at the very first look. Due to their unique shape, they tend to use less packaging material, ultimately cutting down the price, yet affordability is a major attraction. Wholesale pillow boxes can be customized for products like cosmetics, jewellery, watches and much more. Diversity and unique appearance are what make them memorable.

Printed pillow boxes are easy to carry.

Due to their compact shape and size, printed pillow boxes offer convenience in shipment and customers. Pillow boxes are famous for being used in giveaways and wedding gifts. Such large quantities need small packaging to distribute the gift efficiently. Printed pillow boxes are ideal for giving gifts and promoting brands when giving giveaways or samples.

They can be exclusively designed to promote brands.

Printed pillow boxes are delicately designed to give your customers the best unboxing experience. They serve as excellent marketing tools. Their unique shape allows a large surface area to increase brand awareness. Flashy visuals and catchy taglines can be printed with enriched ink to build a high-quality brand image. You can print your logos and brand name with a plethora of printing techniques like

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • Flexography
  • Lithography
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

Since the emergence of social media tools, consumers have become rather critical. People may now compare different items and conclude about something in the least time. As a result, everything should be up to standard in packaging solutions. To begin, you must concentrate on the surface finishing of the packaging. This is critical since a high-quality surface may say a lot about your product, and customers will consistently rate it higher than alternative options.

The goal is to go with a matte finish because it complements practically all types of items. Furthermore, it gives the pillow boxes a touch of refinement, increasing their perceived worth by multiples. Another option is to use a gloss UV lamination to give the objects a more noticeable touch. People are more likely to be drawn to such finishes, and you may notice a significant increase in your consumer base.

They offer secure packaging.

Durability and longevity are the key factors that build a connection between a customer and a brand. Your packaging is the visual representation of all the hard work you put into your product. Imagine if your packaging is torn or damaged when a customer receives it; what kind of impression would that customer have about your brand? Hence it’s essential to ensure that your packaging secures your product for a more extended period.

The ideal and reliable material for your pillow boxes makes your product protective for a long time. Once your product is placed in sturdy Kraft pillow boxes, ensure your product is safe from storage to the delivery process. The material that can be used for manufacturing pillow boxes include

✔            Kraft

✔            Corrugated

✔            Cardboard

✔            E flute

The choice of material is up to you. Designing wholesale pillow boxes means promoting your business and playing a vital role in saving the environment. You can customize it in any size or shape. Moreover, you give your pillow boxes a tamper-resistant feature that will protect your product from the external environment.

Final verdict

Pillow boxes are ideal in terms of creativity and innovation. Because of their various benefits, people are more inclined toward the products packed in wholesale pillow boxes. If you want to make a good impression in the marketing world, then definitely go with custom pillow boxes.

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Gray alisha
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