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Does social media really help in link building and SEO

Before there was Instagram, Facebook, and before it was even the internet, businesses and people used to interact differently. But now, it is all digital. Almost all the businesses now hold a digital profile (a website) and then use it to reach people. But it is not easy to do so, and furthermore when the competition is high. A website needs to be nourished rightly using SEO, web design, and link building. And when we talk about link building, it is like a sisyphus’ stone – tough and continuous process.

People look for ways to get link building grow, and one such way they opt for is the use of social media. But does social media really work in the case of link building? Or is it a sheer waste of time and effort?

But why do we require link building for SEO growth?

So Miss. Mikimimi got this thing in her mind stuck, “why do we need link building for a website to grow? Is virtue and quality content not enough?” Well, she has a point. But then, there also lives Mr. BubuBaba next door who is in the same business as Miss. Mikimimi is and has a website too. He too writes quality content with virtue. Now, whose content should Google show to people who are looking around? Well, both are equal in terms of quality and content, so how to judge?

This similar situation occurs in real life too. Suppose there are two shops with equally well served food and quality dining area, but one shop is half full and the other is stuffed till the door. Why? Because one the later one has done its work in networking. He has spreaded the word of his business in the town and has done his marketing well. More people know about him than his counterpart.

When it comes to link building, it suggests Google and other search engines about which website is being talked about more. But here comes the twist, the more the quantity of links does not always mean good fame. You could have one thousand and ten contacts in the world and yet people might hate you. Why? Because those thousand and ten contacts are with bad guys. This same thing happens in link building too. This is the reason people look for quality link building services (Australia) and not just any. Because link building gets assessed by Google and other engines through many factors. What are these?

Factors that affect link building!

  • The quality of websites that they are linking to.
  • The niche of websites. For example, a website dealing with shoes having links with a website dealing with food is suspicious.
  • If the backlinks are secure or not. SSL and HTTPS issues!
  • The country they are coming from.
  • How old is the domain that is talking about the main website?

These are all the few factors. People try all their best to get things done. And one such famous thing they try for link building is social media. And why not? After all, what better way is there? It does not cost you much and has greater reach! No? We’ll discuss.

The use of Social Media in SEO Link Building!

Social Media has emerged as one of the biggest achievements of the digital age. And what good opportunity could have there been for businesses to reach people?

But then, all the businesses started using it extensively when they came to know that link building is a factor. It was their opportunity to create as many backlinks as they wanted on the social media. It was free for all. And then came the statement from Google that social media does not get counted as influential backlinks.

But it is not so. There is a twist, and it again got clarified by Google’s Garry IIlyes in a statement in 2017. He said that the context of social media interaction between business and people, and how people talk about business on media impacts the ranking. This was it. People then started to look for link building services (Australia) to get some help. And then came another study done by Cognitive SEO that identified a strong relation between social media signals and search rankings.

Ways in which Social Media helps in link building!

Now, the latest study done on social media tells that the number of users on social media is going to reach 4.41 billion in 2025. It is more than half of the world’s population and almost 90% of all the internet users. It is a huge potential for businesses. And here is how social media helps in link building –

  • It is the biggest source of natural link building. Natural Link Building is the most preferable way of link building and is highly impactful.
  • Social media helps in building brand image: and people talk of brand image.
  • It is the most efficient way of getting in direct touch with customers and serve them value.
  • It builds relationships between business and customer. Customers then remember the name and speak on different platforms about the business. It leads to natural brand mentions.

Steps to social media link building!

A plan well made makes a business grow well. This same thing happens in Social Media Link Building too. You go a little here and there, and all your efforts fall. Here is how to use social media for link building!

Choose the social media platform!

The first thing is to know what your customer base is. Then you must know where your customers spend most of their time. If you come to know that they are using Instagram the most, it is time to take Instagram at priority. Choose the top social media platforms that your potential customers use.

Choose the right keywords!

Now it comes to keywords – the very vital aspect of targeting. Keywords are like the queries that your customers are making on social media. If they are typing “seo services” on Instagram, then this is the keyword you must target the most. If they are using “mango muffin recipes” then optimize your social media content using these keywords. Do the keyword research.

Create an engaging profile!

Your social media profile is like your business’s gateway. If it is spoiled or messed up, people will return back confusingly from the page. They won’t follow.

  • Create a captivating visual look.
  • Use content that is serving them value and is engaging.
  • Use humor in between.
  • Try to give them offers in between.

Be consistent!

Now, when it comes to social media, consistency is the key. If you are not consistent, your content won’t get shown to a large population. It will lead to your fall. Different social media platforms have different requirements. For example, twitter demands 10-15 tweets a day, Instagram demands 1-2 posts a day (check the current standards). Don’t go above or below this range.

Blend up with counterpart bloggers!

It will help you have a larger spread and thus more chances of link building.
Do these few things and you will start seeing that people have started to talk about you. Another thing you can do is to look for some quality link building services in Australia or around you to take some help. They are experts in guiding an infant website to a giant celebrity status. Click here to have a look at how it works.



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